December 12

Yasin Saygılı

Fatma Nesibe Doymuş

Art and History

What does Art History mean for us?

The bird Kaknüs narrated to have a familiar call that appealed to all living things, gathering the people close to death with its call. The brushwood he had gathered around him would have caught fire in his haste and he would have burned himself to ashes. From those ashes, new Kaknüs birds would be born. Art history, just like the Kaknüs bird, gathered all traces of culture around in a piece, then suddenly scattering the ashes that destroyed them, to one side. It contemplates the red of fire, sky blue, golden yellow on carpets, inscriptions, pots, buildings... Then Kaknüs bird suddenly becomes a swan and graces muralists, calligraphers, architects yesterday, today, and in the future.


In our Art History Session in GBf2021, we will talk about the opportunities offered to us in the establishment of a civilization language of the future, which will renew the collective art and history adventure of humanity. 11-12 December. For further information and registration:


Bilal Dadanlar

Uzay Çetin

Abid Ali

Digital Revolution

Does the Universe of Humanity Recognize Digital Revolution?

Humanity had its breaking points; transition to agricultural society, the forge of iron, the age of machinery, and ultimately the 'digital universe'! This universe transforms into a new form with each passing second, each newborn day, and each ending year. Every innovation becomes obsolete tomorrow. And this rapid change and transformation affect all humanity at many points, from family to academia, from health to social life, from management to orientations. In this new world, we must build a new language. Identifying the changes brought about by this rapid digital revolution in the social environment is significant with regard to turning potential benefits into efficiency and eliminating potential risks.


In GBf2021, which will be held on 11-12 December, we will have speeches in the Digital Revolution Session that will enable our society to adopt the language of time and read the digital age and become a playmaker in the next step. For further information and registration: