December 11

Nor Azam Yaacob


Yasin Korkmaz


Feyza Nur Başkaya

Free Quds

“Barbaric, which is a French word in origin, means extremely cruel and unpleasant. It is also defined as backwardness and primitivity. There are many barbaric societies that are technologically advanced.” The advancement of humanity not only brought some benefits but also some harmful ideas like greed, savagery, injustice and imperialism. In the 21th century, humanbeing reached the highest level thoroughout the history, but forgot something: what the truth is. In the north and the south, the east and the west all people give a struggle for the truth. Oppressor or oppressed, It is possible to see the traces of this struggle all around the world.


In GBf2021, which will be held on 11-12, at the Free Jerusalem session; We will say that although ants are small-scale ranges, they can reach very large spots on a regular basis. Detailed information and registration:


Michael Mcrochen


Ronan Byrne

Future Health

The New Science of the Future: The Future of Health!

The conditions and agendas we live in today show how significant health sustainability is for the future of humanity. First and foremost, a new language is needed to be re-established. Since a shattering language about life that humans form will destroy the whole system together with its own body. The one who knows himself will know the world!


In GBf2021, which will be held on 11- 12 December, we will say new words for the health of the future from the world of humanity at the Future of Health Session. For further information and registration: