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Dear Young Researchers,
We look forward your submissions to our Future Science Forum, with the aim to produce new words about the future by increasing the interactions between various fields, where science of life, engineering sciences, social sciences and arts sciences meet together on an online platform.

Deadline for Abstract Submission: 20 October 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

An abstract includes a perspective on a subject that is going to be presented by a researcher on an online platform, with purpose of presenting innovative ideas or to announce the results of a research.

Abstracts can either be in the form of an oral presentation of the subject in front of audiences (oral presentation) or in writing (poster presentation). In FSf 2020, besides research projects, high school and undergraduate graduation project, graduate and doctoral dissertations, product, prototype, exhibition, travel, etc. other activities will be evaluated.

Almost all scientific activities carried out widely all over the world focus on the technical details of a specific subject. The Future Science Forum, on the other hand, focuses on interaction areas between different fields. If you are considering developing your scientific ideas in a much wider intellectual field, the Future Science Forum will provide you with the most suitable ecosystem for this purpose.
In addition, a one-year Future Membership Activation will be defined for the people whose submissions are accepted and two people they will designate, and they will be provided free participation in our forum and benefit from the activities to be carried out during the year.

Our organization accept the abstracts in oral presentation, poster presentation, workshop, project presentation, social event format. Apart from these, we are also open to the original formats offered. We are able to include all kinds of content ideas, such as compilations, undergraduate graduation assignments, projects, prototypes… that aim to bring an original perspective on a particular subject, whether graduate and doctoral projects are completed or ongoing, within the framework of the evaluations of our science team. Anyone who has ideas and studies from different fields can participate in the Future Science Forum by sending a paper. It is nut necessary that the submitted abstract include experimental study.

Papers can be published in our FSf2020 Proceedings Book, which will be added to our website after the forum. It can be published as a full text or abstract with the approval of the paper owners, or may not be published upon the request of the author.

In the abstract, it is required to have a minimum of 100 and a maximum of 250 words with a space after the title of the paper. The abstracts of the research should include the sections “Purpose”, “Materials and Methods”, “Results” and “Conclusion”.

Poster Presentation

• Paper posters should be in a horizontal format of 70 × 100 so that they can be displayed in virtual environment via zoom platform.

• It can be prepared as a short powerpoint presentation not exceeding 10 slides and presented as a digital poster.

• In case of problems in the Abstract Submission System, the abstracts can be sent to the address “[email protected]

• After your poster is accepted, it will be published on our website and you will be contacted.

Oral Presentations

• Oral presentations will be in the form of questions and answers after 20 minutes of standard presentation or 7 minutes of nano-speech, depending on the subject of the paper.

• You will be notified of the day and time of your session after the acceptance of your report.

Other Papers

• We are open to your submissions on topics such as Workshop, Project Presentation, Social Activity.

FSf2020 Submition Form


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