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What is Future Science?

This is where young people with different knowledge and interests gather for activities. Where we believe to be able to make a difference. So we go ahead to shape the future with the youth, aimed for better impact and concerned about tomorrow with no ideological or profit goals applied.

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Aynur Subası

Aysenur Balcı

Beyzanur Yumak

Busra Gulay

Elıf Ekıcı

Elmas Merve Sayan

Hale Ahsen Babar

Halıl Ibrahım Cetınkaya

Meryem Ezber

Muhammed Revaha Isabetlı

Nıhal Kayır

Selda Gurbuz

Zuleyha Guzel

Beyza Nur Yumak

Halıl Ibrahım Cetınkaya

Busra Gulay